HELIX - Vagabond Bones To Receive US Release Via Perris Records

October 14, 2009, 9 years ago

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Canadian rock legends HELIX' new studio CD, Vagabond Bones, will be released by Perris Records in the US, and via Universal-Fontana in

Canada. The official release date for the CD in the USA and Canada is November 17th.

The response to the new CD has been tremendous and all those who have heard it are lavishing praise. Tom Mathers of Perris Records who had this to

say about it: "No f**king way, this is the best CD you could follow with Power Of Rock n' Roll. Lets knock this out for sure, I will be staying up all night rocking

on this one. Brother, the lyrics are the best ever, and Derek Oliver from Rock Candy Records has already told me that he thinks the first three tracks he?'s

heard so far are blow-away."

Helix singer Brian Vollmer recently issued the following update:

Brent has put together two videos, one for 'Hungover But Still Hanging In' and one for 'Vagabond Bones'. However, the soundtrack for Hungover is not the finished master track. The mastered version is the one that has Russ “Killer Dwarf” Russell singing a duet with me on the track. Check it below:

We have dates coming up in the Canadian Maritimes for November (Moncton/Frederiction/Barrington/Chester) that fall the day after the official release date (November 17th). We’ll probably test drive a few of the new tunes while we’re out there, as well as getting to know each other on the road again. After all, before our last two dates, the four of us haven’t played together since the early '90s. This, coupled with more dates back in Ontario in December will warm us up for next summer’s festivals. We’re already booked again in Newfoundland for next August’s Mussell Bed Soiree and at a casino tba in Hartford, Conn. for next April. There are other dates in the works as well (perhaps overseas-Sweden Rock has said they will take a look at the band this year) and for the first time in several years I’m seeing interest building in the U.S. All this is very encouraging, especially on the eve of releasing new product, coupled with the original '80’s line-up reforming. Powerful stuff."

Vagabond Bones tracklisting:

'The Animal Inside (Won’t Be Denied)'

'Go Hard Or Go Home'

'Vagabond Bones'

'Monday Morning Meltdown'

'When The Bitter’s Got The Better Of You'

'Hung Over But Still Hanging In'

'Best Mistake I Never Made'

'Make 'Em Dance'

'Jack It Up'

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