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November 17, 2012, 7 years ago

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Hamburg, Germany-based metal legends HELLOWEEN will release their new album, Straight Out Of Hell, in Europe on January 18th, and in North America on January 22nd, 2013. The cover artwork created by Martin Häusler, who was the artist for the band's celebrated artworks of 7 Sinners and Gambling With The Devil, can be viewed below:

Helloween recently finished the video production of the first single from Straight Out Of Hell. The six-minute opus for 'Nabataea' develops on several levels, including 3-D animation at motion picture level. The legendary kingdom Nabataea provides the atmospherically dense reference for the strong first release from Helloween’s new album.

Do we really have to worry? Is our civilization standing right on the edge of the abyss? Is the Maya calendar actually right, predicting the end of the world on December 21, 2012? New age circles are convinced that the apocalyptic prophecy can be derived from the Mesoamerican civilization's calendar.

“Complete bullshit”, reckons Andi Deris, singer of Helloween. “We will all survive the year 2012 and face an even more positive and energetic future.”

Helloween have documented how this future could look like, or rather sound like, on Straight Out Of Hell. It’s a work full of speed and toughness, with optimism and great joy of playing, featuring complex arrangements, strong hooks and plenty of catchy melodies. Or, to let the facts speak for themself: 13 mostly fast-paced songs that turn out to be impressively multi-layered and will completely delight all Helloween fans, due to the different songwriters Andi Deris, founding members Michael Weikath and Markus Grosskopf, and guitarist Sascha Gerstner.

Weikath: “Straight Out Of Hell is the consequent development of the two albums before. 7 Sinners was recorded more or less in the wake of Gambling With The Devil, while the new songs are a continuation of the 7 Sinners directives, only a little less doom bound and noticeably more positive. These songs will kick even the laziest listener’s ass.”

Helloween’s guitarist is referring to tracks such as 'Make Fire Catch The Fly', 'Far From the Stars', 'Church Breaks Down', the title track (written by bass player Markus Grosskopf), and the straightforward 'Years' – all of them racing through the terrain at full speed. In addition, there is the complex and passionate 'Burning Sun' by Michael Weikath, which Deris refers to short and sweet as “one of Weik’s highspeed masterpieces” (the limited edition will feature a special Hammond version in memory of DEEP PURPLE’s recently deceased organ player JON LORD). 'World Of War' by Sascha Gerstner convinces with thrashy guitar riffs, demonstrating Helloween’s impressive virtuosity.

Deris: “What’s so special about this band, is the fact that we were always allowed to do anything we wanted, or – even if we allegedly weren't – did it anyway. Even the at the time slightly tabooed The Dark Ride initially earned us negative reviews, but ended up with multiple Gold Awards. That’s the kind of freedom you feel on Straight Out Of Hell as well – we didn't let anybody or anything put pressure on us.”

But Helloween wouldn't be Helloween if Straight Out Of Hell would not feature the band’s other, slightly more groovy side as well. With 'Waiting For The Thunder' Deris has – in his own words – contributed “a rock song reminding of the old PINK CREAM 69 tunes”. Gerstner lets off steam on 'Asshole' and complements the album with “Hold Me In Your Arms”, a wonderful ballad, providing the desired antithesis to the otherwise extremely energetic record. Speaking of energy: the determination that has always been an integral part of the Helloween camp was captured perfectly by their producer Charlie Bauerfeind at the band’s own MiSueno studio in Tenerife. Bauerfeind consciously created a raw sound, keeping the edge of Helloween’s new songs and working without computer-controlled devices.

“With a world-class drummer like Dani Löble in the studio you don’t need click tracks or computer support”, Markus Grosskopf praises his drummer. “Thanks to Dani, the whole album breathes pure authenticity, which distinguishes Straight Out Of Hell from lots of other artists’ productions. In addition, the new album sounds more compact and homogeneous than 7 Sinners has, and is one of the fastest releases in Helloween’s history.”

Also, there are significant differences in a number of topics Helloween tackle on Straight Out Of Hell. The best example of the ability to think outside the box of pure metal cliché is their first single release 'Nabataea', which Helloween’s singer wrote during a holiday. The song is about the legendary kingdom, located in today’s Middle Eastern region, where the first real democracy existed over 3000 years ago. The secret Nabataean city Petra, hidden behind a cliff scenery and only discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, is the origin of many myths and legends.

Deris: “We took the liberty to tell this exciting culture’s whole story, although the song therefore lasts more than seven minutes. Truth be told, if there had been more to tell, the track would have been even longer.”

Straight Out Of Hell tracklisting:


'World Of War'

'Live Now!'

'Far From The Stars'

'Burning Sun'

'Waiting For The Thunder'

'Hold Me In Your Arms'

'Wanna Be God'

'Straight Out Of Hell'



'Make Fire Catch The Fly'

'Church Breaks Down'

Limited Edition bonus tracks:

'Another Shot Of Life'

'Burning Sun' (Hammond version) - dedicated to Jon Lord

The Hellish Rock Tour in 2007/2008 featured Helloween and their very special guests GAMMA RAY, which played 95 shows in 34 countries and left ecstatic metal fans in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America in their wake. Hellish Rock Tour Part II has been announced and will start in March 2013 in Europe and go around the globe, once again featuring Gamma Ray.

The updated Hellish Rock Part II tour dates with GAMMA RAY include:


28 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz 1


1 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera
2 - Bilbao, Spain - Santana 27
4 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
5 - Milan, Italy Alcatraz
6 - Bologna, Italy - Estragon
9 - Athens, Greece - t.b.a.
10 - Thessaloniki, Greece - Principal
12 - Istanbul, Turkey - Refresh the Venue
15 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Arena Armeec
16 - Bucharest, Romania - Arenele Romane
18 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Media Park Club
19 - Budapest, Hungary - Pesca Music Hall
21 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Sport Hall
22 - Prague, Czech Republic - Tesla Aréna
23 - Zlín, Czech Republic - Hala Euronics
24 - Brezno, Slovakia - Sport Hall
26 - Krakow, Poland - Studio
27 - Warsaw, Poland - Stodola
29 - Helsinki, Finland - The Circus
30 - Tampere, Finland - Pakkahuone
31 - Oulu, Finland - Teatria


2 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
4 - Stockholm, Sweden - Arenan
5 - Karlstad, Sweden - Nöjesfabriken
6 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Lisebergshallen
8 - Paris, France - Olympia
9 - Saarbrücken, Germany - Garage
10 - Langen, Germany - Neue Stadthalle
12 - Kaufbeuren, Germany - Allgäu Event Center
13 - Bochum, Germany - Ruhrcongress
14 - Mons, Belgium - PPM-Fest
16 - London, UK - HMV Forum
18 - Hamburg, Germany - Docks
19 - Geiselwind, Germany - Music Hall
20 - Balingen, Germany - Volksbankmesse
21 - Schwandorf, Germany - Oberpfalzhalle

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