HENNING PAULY - Concept Behind BABYSTEPS Project Revealed, Release Date Confirmed

July 7, 2006, 12 years ago

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As previously reported, ProgRock Records will be releasing FRAMESHIFT mastermind Henning Pauly's BABYSTEPS project, which features vocalists James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER), Michael Sadler (SAGA), Jody Ashworth (TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA) and Matt Cash (CHAIN) among others. ProgRock Records has issued the following press release revealing the concept behind the album:

"Henning Pauly’s Babysteps project is finally done. Although the original concept encompassed two full CDs and a longer list of musicians, this album still has a lot to offer. Conflicting schedules and a date of completion that constantly shifted led to Henning’s decision to reduce the scope of the project and release Babysteps as a single CD (although one containing 75 minutes of music) instead of pushing the release out even further or even benching the project completely.

Babysteps tells the story of Nick (Jody Ashworth, Trans Siberian Orchestra), a professional athlete, who finds himself in a wheelchair having to recover in a rehabilitation center. The struggle with his arrogant doctor (James LaBrie, Dream Theater) reaches its climax in a big fight. Matt (Matt Cash, Chain/Frameshift/solo), another patient, tries to befriend Nick who doesn’t trust people anymore. Matt introduces his physician to Nick, Dr. Sizzla (Michael Sadler, SAGA), who gives him valuable advice on how to approach his situation and his doctor. Babysteps is the story of Nick’s journey on the way to recovery and the obstacles he has to overcome.

Also lending their talents to this project are Ian Crichton (Guitar) and Jim Gilmour (Keys) from Saga who both recorded phenomenal solos on this album. Babysteps features 10 songs and five instrumental pieces for a total of 15 Tracks. The instrumentals all revolve around the same theme because they signify the return to the hospital cafeteria, a central place in the story.

The music of Babysteps can best be described as in the vein of TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) or Savatage because of the orchestral elements and the extensive use of piano and metal guitars. Henning’s usual production methods are not as dominant on this release and the synthesizers and chopped guitars take a step back to make way for a more organic sound.

The album is available for immediate pre-ordering as well as audio samples at this location and will ship late July and be in stores around the world by September 12, 2006. If you buy during the pre-order period (about 2 more weeks) the price is $13.98, after that it is $15.98. It is also currently available on Mindawn."

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