HERETICS IN THE LAB Release 'Some People' Lyric Video

October 24, 2013, 3 years ago

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Born from social loathing, an evolved conscious, and experimentation in sonic terrorism, Virginia-natives HERETICS IN THE LAB take elements of industrial music, fine art, post-apocalyptic rock and roll, and avant-garde sound-scapes to form an incredibly intense hard-line industrial music experience drenched in ego and libido. Heretics In The Lab are currently set to release their new album, Suture, via Sacrifice Records on November 12th.

Suture tracklisting:




'some people'




'car crash'

'Some People' lyric video:


The primary backbone of Heretics In The Lab is the main instrumentalist and producer on Suture, h3. Although the band performs live with additional members M1 (keys), tB (drums), kV (guitars), h3 creates all that is Heretics In The Lab, not unlike many of industrial’s greatest musical minds.

Heretics In The Lab has established themselves in the underground goth/industrial scene as a force to be reckoned with while still managing to appeal to more mainstream fans of heavy metal and rock. Known for the shear emotional intensity of their live shows as well as their erratic unpredictable song structures Heretics In The Lab consistently challenges unprepared audiences and leaves them awe-inspired.

The band will perform at a few local tour dates in the come months. See below for all dates, including the CD release party for Suture.

Upcoming Heretics In The Lab tour dates:


25 - Washington, DC - Phase 1 Dupont
31 - Virginia Beach, VA - The Jewish Mother Hilltop (with Deist Requiem)


12 - Norfolk, VA - The Wave (CD Release Party)

More on Heretics In The Lab at Facebook.

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