July 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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Former SCORPIONS drummer Herman Rarebell has just released the new album, HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS - Acoustic Fever.

Says Rarebell: "I had the idea for Acoustic Fever in 2011 as I thought it would be a good idea to do another solo album with all my songs I wrote or co/wrote with my old band the Scorpions. But this time I thought I do all those songs again acousticly! So I started to contact the singers I had already on my first solo album like DON DOKKEN and JACK RUSSELL and they said yes they would like to be part of this again.

"My friend MICHAEL VOSS introduced me to star singers Alex Ligertwood from SANTANA and Tony Martin from BLACK SABBATH, PAUL SHORTINO and JOHNNY JIOELI who he worked with before. I know BOBBY KIMBALL from a session we did together back in 2007. JOHN PARR I know from England as we became friends as we met in London and Brighton in 2010. DOOGIE WHITE is the singer in MICHAEL SCHENKER's Temple of Rock, so I asked him also to join in for this album. GARY BARDEN I know for many years so I asked him and I'm happy that he’s also sung a song on the album.

"In 2012 I produced an album with a band called Unbreakable from Germany and I found the singer GEORGE DANIELS fantastic; so I asked him to sing also on this album. MICHAEL NAGY is from Fresno, California and was introduced to me by my friend Corey Whitehead who plays also flamenco - acoustic guitar on the album. I'm really happy to have all those great singers on my album and I'm also thrilled that they said yes to do this! I look forward to meeting you all on the Acoustic Fever Tour!!"

Acoustic Fever tracklisting:

'Loving You Sunday Morning' (vocals by Michael Voss)

'Passion Rules The Game' (vocals by John Parr)

'Is There Anybody There' (vocals by Alex Ligertwood)

'Rock You Like A Hurricane' (vocals by Bobby Kimball)

'You Give Me All I Need' (vocals by Don Dokken)

'Make It Real' (vocals by Doogie White)

'Dynamite' (vocals by Johnny Gioeli)

'Falling In Love' (vocals by Gary Barden)

'Don't Make No Promises' (vocals by Jack Russell)

'Love Is Blind' (vocals by Paul Shortino)

'Arizona' (vocals by George Daniels)

'Another Piece Of Meat' (vocals by Tony Martin)

'Animal Magnetism' (vocals by Michael Nagy)

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