HEXENKLAD Featuring Former Members Of ECLIPSE ETERNAL, BATTLESOUL And PAGAN RITUAL Working On Second Album

November 23, 2017, 11 months ago

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HEXENKLAD Featuring Former Members Of ECLIPSE ETERNAL, BATTLESOUL And PAGAN RITUAL Working On Second Album

Canada's Hexenklad have checked in with the following update:

"It has been a while since we posted an update so we thought we’d take a moment to sit back, pour a horn of mead, get all retrospective, introspective, and prospective and tell you a tale of things past and things future.

What started like a single tree in a vast desert has this year become a forest in and of itself. Perhaps not yet as glorious as a thick old growth forest, full of stories and adventures to be had, but still one new and growing and expanding, roots in the dark but arms spread upwards towards greater things. 
While Hexenklad has truly only become known in the last year, it took several to get to this point. Roots had to be put down before trees could push up from the dark below. It is only this year that we have spread our branches out and said to the wind, 'Here we are, we are here, behold a forest where there was none before.'

Five times have we appeared this year and five times we have left a mark on those who witnessed. In this year alone we have performed both at Kaleidoscope Gathering (Canada’s largest Pagan Celebration), and headlined a show in the great city of Montreal. And to top that, in July we released our first full length album Spirit of the Stone on CDN Records. Yes, the year up till now has been a year to celebrate for us. Horns up, Mead down.

Since the days started getting shorter and the leaves began to fall, we have turned our full attention to the writing of our next album. We know that our previous album Spirit of the Stone was only released a couple months ago, but that album was in the writing/re-writing/recording/re-recording process for over two years. Also, it was written almost solely by our founding member Michael Grund. So, now that Hexenklad is comprised of six members, all with different influences and talents, there is a real desire by all to see what we can create as a group and what heights we can reach. And I tell you now, it has been quite inspiring to behold. The songs we’ve created thus far are by far our most varied and intense—everything from full-on celebratory folk metal anthems to almost atmospheric black metal soundscapes. Each song telling its own tale. We can’t wait for you to hear. Till then, may we meet again, in this life or the next.


Last year, former Eclipse Eternal frontman Voldamares announced the formation of his new band, Hexenklad. They issued the following update, posted on July 28th, the official release for their debut album, Spirit Of The Stone

"Take the depth of feeling of Falkenbach with the stylings of Hypocrisy, the folk melodies of Moonsorrow with the twin guitar blast of Dissection, the depth of emotion of Primordial with the overwhelming nature of Insomnium. This describes the sound of Hexenklad's debut album Spirit Of The Stone.

CDs are available from Craig Newman at CDNRecords.com and digital copies are available at Hexenklad's Bandcamp page. We are extremely proud of this album. Let us know what you think of it. Horns up!!! Spread the word..."

Hexenklad's new song  "Returned" is streaming below.


"In This Life or the Next"
"To Whom Veer Sinistral"
"At the Ends of Existence"
"At Dusk"
"In Waking Tymes"
"Path to Ruin"
"An Offering"

Go to this location for information and updates on Hexenklad.

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