Hospitalized BLEED THE SKY Guitarist Recovers; Band Re-Joins DOPE Tour

June 28, 2006, 13 years ago

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BW&BK; has received the following press release:

Having recovered from a diagnosis of severe pneumonia compounded by an unknown viral infection, BLEED THE SKY guitarist Wayne Miller is in stable enough condition for his band mates to re-join the DOPE tour on June 30th in Philadelphia. They will be performing as a four-piece.

Following his June 18th performance in Louisville, Kentucky, Miller was rushed to a nearby hospital with a high fever. Encouraging his bandmates to continue with the tour, Miller stayed behind, but his condition worsened. After his admission into the Intensive Care Unit, family members flew out from California and Bleed The Sky dropped off the Dope tour two nights later to drive 15 hours to be by his side. It appears this outpouring of moral support greatly aided Miller's recovery.

"You're not gonna believe what the second thing was that Wayne said after he got off the respirator," reported Bleed The Sky bassist Daylen 'Disco' Elsey with relieved laughter. "Well, the first thing he said was, 'I'm really tired.' The second thing he said was, 'So what are we going to do about the two shows that we missed?' Can you believe that?! [laughter] The guy almost dies and he's worried about the shows he missed!"
"We're trying to keep the dying to a minimum on this tour," joked Bleed The Sky guitarist Kyle Moorman.

"We all took shifts watching him," continued Elsey. "He kept trying to take the tubes out of his nose, but we wouldn't let him. For some crazy reason, he thought we were gonna kick him out of the band 'cause he got sick. Yeah, right. We're going to finish out the tour with Kyle covering all the guitar work 'cause we know he wants us to, but there's no way he's out of the band. He's irreplaceable."

With Miller now in stable condition, the four-piece Bleed The Sky will play the remaining 22 shows on the Jagermeister-sponsored Summer Of Sin Tour headlined by Dope.

States the band, "We really want to thank everyone for their support through this whole situation. The online posts, the text messages, the phone calls. They all helped us stay positive for Wayne."

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