HOUSE OF LORDS Vocalist James Christian Issues Health Update - "So Far It's Stabilized"

March 6, 2012, 5 years ago

news rock hard house of lords's Marko Syrjala has issued a new interview with HOUSE OF LORDS vocalist James Christian. An excerpt follows:

Q: Okay, first of all, the current tour. You’ve now been playing in many places where you haven’t been before, how’s everything been going?

A: "New places and old places, it’s been interesting time and lots of travel. To me, touring is all about the hard work of getting from one place to the next and doing a great show, and that’s what’s been happening every night."

Q: You were forced to cancel a couple of shows on last year because of your health, so how are doing now?

A: "So far it’s stabilized. I had a surgery to try to remove most of the problem. That was cancer, no way to go around it. So right now, I’m okay but, you know, you just never know so I’m just thankful every day that I can go out there and perform."

Q: Okay, but everything looks good now?

A: "Yeah, right now. I’m really good. I feel good. I lost a lot of weight. I would have preferred to lose it a different way, but the way that I had to lose it was the fact that it was, you know, recovery. So now I try to keep it down and try to stay healthy."

Read the full interview at this location.

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