HYDROGYN Vocalist Julie Westlake On Board For New MINDCAGE Album

December 25, 2012, 6 years ago

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MINDCAGE is presently completing their new album Our Own Devices under the helm of famed rock and metal producer Michael Wagener (ACCEPT, OZZY OSBOURNE, METALLICA) at his WireWorld Studios.

According to a press release, the album is "set in an alternate history of a highly plausible future, Mindcage's ground-breaking concept album, Our Own Devices, warns of what may become of our society if we turn our backs on the importance of arts, music, humanities, and spirituality. It also introduces the world to Arabella Vash, a woman on a mission to awaken and enlighten a world gone wrong. Her message will shake humanity to its very core."

Guitarist Dietrick Hardwick comments, "We are very excited to announce that we have chosen Julie Westlake (HYDROGYN) as the voice of Arabella Vash for Our Own Devices. Julie has the power and emotion in her voice needed to convey Arabella's journey and character. She sounds amazing and has a command and range of voice that is just uncanny. It's also been a real dream come true for us to work with one of the greatest record producers of all time, the legendary Michael Wagener. We couldn't be happier!"

"This has just been an extraordinary experience, seeing how everything is coming together. The band works so efficiently with Michael Wagener that they have finished recording ahead of schedule and are now entering the mix phase." cites Executive Producer Ben Galecki, "Michael really knows how to decipher what the band is going for and get the absolute best from them. This is going to be epic!"

A video introduction to the album can be seen below. For information on Mindcage go to this location.

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