HYPOCRISY Frontman Peter Tägtgren Featured In New Video Interview

May 16, 2013, 4 years ago

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Peter Tägtgren, frontman for Sweden's HYPOCRISY, is featured in a new video interview with Austria's Offstage TV, conducted recently in Vienna:

Over the course of the release of Hypocrisy's new album, End Of Disclosure, back in March, the decision was made to re-release the band's classic albums Penetralia and Osculum Obscenum, remastered and enriched with extensive bonus material, as a limited 2CD box.

In 1992 the band signed its first contract with Nuclear Blast Records and released its monumental debut, Penetralia. It marks the only time that the band functioned as a five-piece. This album displays a strong influence from American death metal.

The follow-up, Osculum Obscenum (1993), marked another milestone in the history of crushing extreme death metal. This album is evil and dark black/death metal the way it should be. When compared to other Death Metal albums of the same period, this absolutely kills nearly everything. Eerie guitar work, hellish screams, epic riffs.

This new output includes the following tracklisting:

CD 1 - Penetralia (remastered + live bonus)

'Impotent God'

'Suffering Souls'


'Jesus Fall'

'God Is A Lie'

'Left To Rot'

'Burn By The Cross'

'To Escape Is To Die'

'Take The Throne'


Bonus tracks:

'Left To Rot' (live)

'God Is A Lie' (live)

CD 2 - Osculum Obscenum (remastered + live bonus)

'Pleasure Of Molestation'

'Exclamation Of A Necrofag'

'Osculum Obscenum'


'Black Metal' (VENOM cover)

'Inferior Devoties'

'Infant Sacrifices'

'Attachment To The Ancestor'


Bonus tracks:

'Pleasure Of Molestation' (live)

'Osculum Obscenum' (live)

'Necronomicon' (live)

This 2 CD box will be released on July 12th via Nuclear Blast.

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