IMMORTAL DOMINION Land Five Songs In Horror/Comedy "Teeth"; Band Finishing Up Third Full-Length

January 18, 2008, 11 years ago

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With extreme metal being one of the more ?theatrical sounding? types of rock music out there, it?s a bit puzzling why more of these types of bands don?t pop up in movie soundtracks. But perhaps the tide is changing, as evidenced by the presence of IMMORTAL DOMINION throughout the movie, ?Teeth.?

After the band?'s distributor, Fist Music/Hapi Skratch Entertainment, hooked them up with the filmmakers, Immortal Dominion was asked to contribute a total of five songs to the soundtrack. The film won a juror?s award for best actress at the Sundance Film Festival, and was then purchased by Lionsgate/The Weinstein Company.

The film is due for release nationwide in February ?08 via Roadside Attractions, and is already drawing attention to Immortal Dominion, on the strength of the instantly memorable song, ?'Sold My Soul'.?

Formed in 1992 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Immortal Dominion is comprised of members Ray Smith (guitars/lead vocals), Brian Villers (guitars/vocals), Bryan (Edward) Schmidt (bass), and Ben Huntwork (drums/vocals).

The group has issued two full-lengths (?Endure? and ?Awakening The Revelation?) and an EP (?Birth?), and are hard at work on a new studio album, set to be released later this year.

Additionally, Immortal Dominion are in talks with music video director Frank Nasso (who has previously worked with MUDVAYNE, HATEBREED, ALL THAT REMAINS for the ?Saw III? soundtrack) about working on some clips for the songs that appear in ?Teeth.?

With all these simultaneous projects, 2008 is quickly shaping up to be the year that Immortal Dominion break through to the metal masses, while ?Awakening The Revelation? is also still contributing to the buzz.


"This album is a soundtrack to one of the darkest periods we have ever been through as a band",? recalls Villers, ?"Yet as we stayed tight with each other, and found new ways to collaborate in the songwriting process, we experienced an ?Awakening? as far as who we are as a band. We hope the listener feels the wide range of emotions we were experiencing as we compiled this material."

Tracklisting for ?Awakening The Revelation?: 'Punishment', 'Will To Survive', 'Eat Your Flesh', 'Sold My Soul', 'World', 'Something To Change', 'Fear Free', 'Not Good', 'Awakening', 'Christian Witchcraft', 'Blasphemy', 'Untouchable', 'Shallows In The Vatican Darkness', 'The Other Side Of Pain'.

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