INTESTINAL DISGORGE Release "Lovecraftian GlitchGrind" Ninth Album

April 6, 2013, 3 years ago

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Veteran noise grinders INTESTINAL DISGORGE return with their ninth full length album The Shadows That Stride From World To World. Released independently on Bandcamp, the new album features a brand new metamorphosis of the Intestinal Disgorge sound. Wildly chaotic, jarring, and unpredictable, The Shadows That Stride From World To World features 17 tracks of mind-melting Lovecraftian GlitchGrind, according to a press release.

Take Noisegrind, power electronics, mash up, cut up, glitch, goregrind, and harsh noise and run them through a meatgrinder. What you get is the new Intestinal Disgorge album.

For more details and audio samples visit Bandcamp.

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