INTESTINAL DISGORGE Release Splits And Shit Volumes 1, 2

July 12, 2013, a year ago

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Experimental noise/gore/grind veterans Intestinal Disgorge present Splits and Shit Volumes 1 and 2, out now on Bandcamp, featuring 30 minutes each of remastered tracks from all manner of splits and promos. Volume 1 contains the Intestinal Disgorge material from splits with RXAXPXE and MOTHERPIG. Volume 2 features the material from the split with SMALLPOX AROMA and the hard-to-find Promo 2006 tracks.
Both compilations can be streamed now or purchased in digital format for $3 each. Volume 1 track ‘Mildew And Maggots’: Volume 2 track ‘Try To Get Away’:
VARGA - "Three Section Staff" Video Premiere

VARGA - "Three Section Staff" Video Premiere

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