IRON MAIDEN's Bruce Dickinson Duels Olympic Fencer Bartosz Piasecki; Video

April 27, 2013, 4 years ago

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IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson went head-to-head fencing Norwegian Olympic silver medal winning Bartosz Piasecki in Oslo this last week.

Although he was defeated, Dickinson told, “for me fencing is training I gave up competing in tournaments when I was 23, at that point I was ranked number 7 in Britain. I fence because I enjoy it, and the by-product is that I end up getting in reasonably good shape. Actually fencing is very similar to the way I run around on stage. Or maybe I run around on stage like that because I fence. Either way it works for me."

“He’s kick-ass,” his opponent Piasecki added. ”He is short but incredibly fast, that’s his weapon,” the fencing master said about his 170 centimeter tall and slightly older duelist, and added: “He looked like Rocky when he arrived in a brown robe with his fencing kit in a shoulder bag.”

Check out video of the match below:

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(Photo above: Andreas Tylden)

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