Italy's RAFF Sign With Jolly Roger Records; CD Edition Of Debut Due In September

July 14, 2014, 3 years ago

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Italian metallers, Raff, have signed a deal with Jolly Roger Records for the CD edition of their first album, to be released on September 8th. The LP edition is already available via Cruz del Sur Music.

Most of the songs were originally recorded in 1983, and were supposed to be released by King Steve Records on the debut album, Gates of Fortune, which never came out. All tracks were re-recorded in 2013 and finally officially released 30 years later.


"Raff Force Commandos"
"Running Like Hell"
"I Trust"
""Live It Loud"

Watch It"

"Signal From Hell"
"All For One (I Want You Now)"
"Driven Mad"
"Gates Of Fortune"

"Rock The World" (Bonus Track)


Chris Bianco - Vocals, Bass

Tony Arcuri - Guitars

Fabiano "Master" Bianco - Drums

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