JOE SATRIANI - Private Guitar Lesson Video With FAMOUS UNDERGROUND's Rick Corvese Available In Previously Blocked Countries

January 26, 2014, 2 years ago

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Originally posted in October 2013 but blocked in several countries due to murky online copyright laws, FAMOUS UNDERGROUND guitarist Rick Corvese's lesson with legend JOE SATRIANI - courtesy of Loud Guitars - has been updated below:

There is nothing premeditated about a single second of this footage. Joe did not have any prior contact or information about Rick, nor did he have any opportunity for specific preparation. There are no “Take twos” or “Can I get that again for the camera?” There are no cuts or missing pieces to the footage, it’s all here, with the exception of about five seconds when Joe’s sister rang his cell phone.

The small comical clip at the end, is actually the first few seconds of their meeting, which we just couldn’t resist sharing with you. This is a 100% authentic one hour first lesson with Joe Satriani.

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