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February 21, 2014, 3 years ago

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Guitarist JOE STUMP (HOLYHELL, RAVEN LORD) has checked in with the following update:

Stump issued the following update in October 2013:

"I’ve just completed my first shred/metal guitar instruction book entitled Joe Stump’s Metal Guitar Chop Shop for Berklee Press/Hal Leonard to be released in early 2014. It covers a variety of techniques (speed scale warm-up drills, double/tremolo picking, diatonic scale patterns, soloing ideas/motifs, alternate and economy picking, open string licks/soloing ideas, arpeggio play, and some neo-classical things as well). There are several metal/shred guitar etudes/pieces that include backing tracks and the book, of course, comes with a CD. There’s a ton of info in it for players of all levels. It looks like I’ll be doing an arpeggio/sweep picking book for Berklee Press/Hal Leonard in the future as well."
"I’m currently writing and recording tracks for a new vocal project that involves Raven Lord singer Csaba Zvekan and former RAINBOW/GARY MOORE bassist Craig Gruber. I’ve got some great stuff in the Rainbow/DEEP PURPLE vein so hopefully this should shake out to be a killer record. More on that as it develops. Some more solo shows in the works (to be posted soon) as well as a possible European tour with RavenLord.

My entire back catalogue is now available on both and Itunes through Magic Circle Music."

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