JOE STUMP On RAVEN LORD Debut - "One Thing I Would Like To Make Clear Is That I Am Not On The New Record"

February 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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RAVEN LORD’s debut album, Descent To The Underworld, was released on February 1st worldwide via Mausoleum Records, except in North America and France where it will be issued on February 12th and March 6th respectively.

Guitarist Joe Stump (HOLYHELL, REIGN OF TERROR) has checked in with the following update:

"The debut Raven Lord record Descent To The Underworld just released on Mausoleum records. It`s one fierce slab of metal and I encourage everyone to check it out.

However, one thing I would like to make clear is that the fellas enlisted my services after the record was already finished, and while I will be out doing some live damage with the band in Europe this spring I am not on the new record."

The complete tracklisting for the CD is as follows:

'The Rebel'

'Attila The Hun'

'Let The Show Go On'

'Seal Of The Cross'

'Settle The Score'

'Promised Land'

'Black Friar'

'World Out Of Steel'


'Metal Knights'

'Sun God'

Meanwhile, Stump's new album, Revenge Of The Shredlord, is out now via Lion Music.

"Revenge Of The Shredlord is quite heavy and classically influenced," Stump remarked recently. "This one’s all metal from start to finish, very dark and focused with gratuitous amounts of shredding throughout. Also, thanks to the great work of engineer Ducky Carlise and mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum, it’s my best sounding record to date as well."

Revenge Of The Shredlord contains the following 12 songs:

'The Ritual Begins'

'Man Your Battlestations'


'Shredlord's Sonata'

'Master's Prelude'

'In The Master's House'

'The Black Knight's Castle'

'Enter The Coven'

'Evil Beasts Below'

'Strat Outa Hell'

'White Knuckle Mayhem'

'The End Approaches'


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