JOHN CORABI On Performing - "I Just Try To Make It Fun And Lighthearted"

January 29, 2013, a year ago

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Vocalist JOHN CORABI (ex-MÖTLEY CRÜE, SCREAM) is featured in a new interview with Caroline Paone at Classic Rock Revisited discussing his new Unplugged album. An excerpt is available below:
CP: Was there any special reasoning behind the selections for the re-recorded songs? For example why did you choose 'Hooligan’s Holiday' from your Motley Crue days? John: "Me and my guys were sitting around at rehearsal for another thing. For this record I didn’t want to do the obvious acoustic songs, so that’s why we tried to pick some things, like 'Hooligan’s Holiday'. It would have been such an easier route for me to do 'Robin’s Song' or 'October Morning Wind' because they are already acoustic, but I wanted to play around with some stuff. Even showcase my guitar player, Daniel, who is a freak with harmonies; where we could add some of the really cool harmonies and backing vocals." CP: Is there pressure in being the so called “frontman” in a band? Or No? John: "No, because, even in the biggest places, if I’m playing a festival or something I still try and make it feel smaller. So I see people in the first 5, 6, or 10 rows. In a joking manner - nobody’s ever gotten mad at me for things - I’ll see somebody in the audience during an electric show and their phone will ring. And they stick their finger in their ear and try and yell into the phone. I’ll stop the band, I’ll go 'Hold on, hold on, hold on' and the dude or the chick will look up at me, and I’ll go 'No no no it’s ok, we’ll wait.' And then the whole place will start looking at that person and laugh. Like 'Oh my god that’s so fuckin funny he totally stopped the show so that he could finish makin that phone call.' And I’ll go 'Who you talkin' to?' and he’ll be like 'My wife.' And I’ll yell in the microphone, 'Honey, he’ll be home in an hour! I’m almost done.' I just try and make it fun and humorous, and lighthearted. In all honesty, I say this every day, if a music fan wanted to hear the music they could take their iPod and listen to the music. But if they want to come and have fun and an enjoyable night and a little bit of reckless abandon, or whatever, I want people to laugh. I want people to have a good time. I want people to walk away and go 'I had no idea I love that guy’s music, but fuck, he’s funny! He’s a cool dude. He’s down to earth.' I’ve always been that way. Click here for the complete interview. In episode #184 of the Iron City Rocks podcast, Corabi talks about his new CD, Unplugged, as well as his tour plans. "John breaks down the process of how the songs were retooled and talks about his plans for touring. We also introduce you to Wheeling, WV’s TONGE N’ CHEEK. Dino and Dr. Scary join us and give us an education on the band." Listen below.
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