KAMELOT Announce Departure Of Drummer CASEY GRILLO; Replacement Announced

February 5, 2018, a year ago

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KAMELOT Announce Departure Of Drummer CASEY GRILLO; Replacement Announced

The forthcoming release of Kamelot's The Shadow Theory album will mark another chapter in the band’s illustrious career. Coming off of the success of Haven, the band has stepped up their game even more on this new album and the massive tour planned for 2018/2019.

Prior to the recent final recordings, long-time drummer Casey Grillo informed the band that he had made the difficult decision to pursue other music and touring opportunities, in addition to the desire to focus more time on his drumhead company.

“Casey has been my friend and colleague for nearly 20 years. We have seen and done a lot together both in and outside of Kamelot. As his friends, the band and I respect his decision. I’m sure that we will all still be hanging out together when we have down time.” says Kamelot guitarist Thomas Youngblood.

In a letter regarding his departure, Casey states: “First and foremost I would like to thank all of the Kamelot fans around the world for your support during my time with the band. It has afforded me the opportunity to travel the globe, meet the most amazing people, experience so many cultures, and to share some of the most memorable experiences of my life. Between the various other musical endeavours I am involved with, along with my rapidly growing business DrumStatic.com, it really just became evident it was time for me to explore and focus on these new opportunities without compromising the exclusivity Kamelot needs and deserves.”

(Pictured above: Johan "Jo" Nunez and Casey Grillo)


The band continue: "The technical musical arrangements and intense touring demands drove the band to enlist a proficient and energetic musician which would fit perfectly within the Kamelot machine. The new Kamelot drummer is someone you may already know, so please welcome with open arms Johan "Jo" Nunez. This 29 year old drum master and instructor has been touring and playing on albums with Marty Freedman, Gus G, Firewind, Nightrage and more."

"We knew Johan already from touring and he worked with us on the entire recent European tour. He's a sensational drummer, and was an easy choice in my mind. Be sure to make him feel welcome, and bug him for a photo, he’s a super nice dude!" adds Kamelot bassist Sean Tibbetts.

Johan Nunez states: “I am thrilled to join the Kamelot family! I’ve known the band for well over 15 years and always looked up to Casey as a drummer, so it was a big honor for me when I was asked to step in. I have toured in the past with Kamelot and I could see how dedicated and loving their fans are! Everybody in the band and crew has been wonderful and already made me feel at home, so I’m really excited to meet you all soon on the road!”

Casey concurs with the selection and adds: “I sincerely ask for you all to give a warm welcome to Johan Nunez, and to embrace him as the new drummer. He is a great guy and will proudly represent and continue the Kamelot legacy!“

The band wishes Casey all the best in his future musical and business journeys. As part of the Kamelot family, he will continue to work behind the scenes with band. The band is also confident that with the release of The Shadow Theory, fans will immediately recognize that Johan’s fantastic musicianship is a perfect choice for Kamelot. They can't wait for you to meet him on tour.

Kamelot's new album, The Shadow Theory, will be released on April 6th via Napalm Records.

Founder Thomas Youngblood states:  "The Shadow Theory album is a psychological journey through the complexity of the Human Mind. We are subjected to stimuli constantly through media, technology, social experiments and AI. Can we still be social creatures in the near future? The Shadow Theory is an album that is mixing many worlds, giving the listener an Escape within our own realities. This album was written and recorded over the entire year and we are really proud of the song elements and diversity on The Shadow Theory."

The Shadow Theory was produced by acclaimed music producer Sascha Paeth and mastered by Jacob Hansen. A massive piece of work that will more than please critics and fans alike. Guests on the album include Lauren Hart (Once Human), Jennifer Haben (Beyond The Black)and Sascha Paeth. The amazing cover and artwork was created by Stefan Heilemann.

The Shadow Theory tracklisting:

"The Mission"
"Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)"
"Burns To Embrace"
"In Twilight Hours"
"Kevlar Skin"
"MindFall Remedy"
"Stories Unheard"
"Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)"
"The Proud and The Broken"
"Ministrium (Shadow Key)"

A 2-CD edition is available with the digipak version and the following additional track listing:

"Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)" (Instrumental version)
"RavenLight" (Instrumental version)
"Amnesiac" (Instrumental version)
"Burns To Embrace" (Instrumental version)
"Kevlar Skin" (Instrumental version)
"The Proud and The Broken" (Instrumental version)
"The Last Day of Sunlight" (bonus)

Teaser #1:

Teaser #2:

The Shadow Theory will be available in the following formats:

* Ltd. Deluxe Wooden Box incl.
- CD Digipack
- Flag
- Tri K Logo pendant
- Tri K Key
- Signed autograph card
- Tri K Logo patch

* 2CD Earbook
* 2CD Digipack
* CD Jewelcase
* 2LP Gatefold

Ltd. Red - NPR D2C mail-order shop (EU)
Ltd. Gold - NPR D2C mail-order shop (EU/USA)
Ltd. Neon Pink - Universal
Ltd. White - ADA/ Sony CAN
Black (for all outlets)

Pre-Order your copy here.

Following the release of The Shadow Theory, Kamelot will embark on a massive World Tour with label-mates Delain plus Battlebeast, starting in North America during April and May, followed by European festivals in Summer 2018. The band will return to Europe in September/October 2018 for their biggest headline tour to date.

Find the band's tour itinerary here.

(Photos - Tim Tronckoe)

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