KAMELOT Vocalist Tommy Karevik - "I Just Try To Carry On The Legacy That Already Exists"

February 19, 2013, 4 years ago

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KAMELOT vocalist Tommy Karevik (SEVENTH WONDER), who replaced Roy Khan and made his Kamelot debut on the new album Silverthorn, is featured in a new interview with the Kamelot Germany fanclub. An excerpt is available below:

KG: There is tons of praise for you and the band out there, but of course there are always some people who have to complain. Are you following the reactions of the people on the internet?

Tommy: "Yes, of course. I think it’s nice to read both. Of course I know that it cannot all be good, it doesn’t matter who the new singer would be, what he would look like or how good he would sing. Of course there are people complaining about me being similar to Roy, but on the other hand if I wasn’t similar to Roy, there would be a lot of people complaining about that too."

KG: Maybe even more.

Tommy: "Maybe even more, because you see, the Tarja and Anette situation (NIGHTWISH) was completely different and she got a lot of shit for that and the band too. I just try to carry on the legacy that already exists. A lot of things that Roy sang or wrote were actually called for in the music and I would probably have written the same or close to it at least. The vibe in the music is already there, you just have to follow it and it would be strange if I sang a bunch of Seventh Wonder stuff above this kind of music, you know?"

KG: Yes, but that’s what some people were expecting, even that it makes no sense. It doesn’t fit.

Tommy: "Yeah, that would be like Seventh Wonder all over again. But… nah, I’m really happy we did it this way. I’m sure a lot of people are eased into the new era since I do the old songs like Roy did them and the new songs have a touch of the old Kamelot as well. I cannot see that we could have done it differently."

Click here for the complete interview.

KMI Entertainment and First Row Concerts recently announced the return of Kamelot to Southern California. The band will be at the Grove in Anaheim, on Saturday, September 21st. Pre-sale tickets are available here.

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