KAMELOT's Thomas Youngblood On 'Falling Like The Fahrenheit' Single - "The Goal Of Course Is Not To Become Pop Stars But To At Least Expose The Band To An Audience That Otherwise Would Never Know About Kamelot And Our Fans"

February 8, 2013, 2 years ago

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KAMELOT released their new single today, digitally. 'Falling Like The Fahrenheit' combines everything that the band stands for: melody, epic and melancholy atmospheres, and the unique voice of the new singer Tommy Karevik. The single features a special radio edit and the full album version.
Kamelot Germany has issued a new Q&A with guitarist Thomas Youngblood. An excerpt follows: Q: We just heard you are releasing a single and radio edit of 'Falling Like The Fahrenheit'. Will there be a video for 'Falling Like The Fahrenheit'? A: "We didn’t plan to release this single until after the other tow videos were shot. So technically there is no official video, but we will release a lyric video of the radio edit. So the next official video will not be 'Falling Like The Fahrenheit'." Q: Why did you pick this as the next single from Silverthorn? A: "The record label wanted to do it and make a radio edit. The goal of course is not to become pop stars but to at least expose the band to an audience that otherwise would never know about Kamelot and our fans. So the first idea was simply a radio edit, that meant we had to trim the original down in length." Read more at this location. Kamelot have held their own, very special position in the world of rock and heavy music: their elaborate melodic metal has always opened itself in a remarkably clever way to like-minded styles, integrating progressive elements as well as cross-references to doom/gothic metal and classical music, which have allowed their songs to define their own genre. Two of their most successful releases in particular, namely the albums Karma (2001) and The Black Halo (2005), are prime examples of Kamelot's multi-layered approach, intensity and outstanding musicality. Their latest offering, Silverthorn, sees the band raise this demanding standard even higher, because Silverthorn is a masterpiece of grand gestures, gritty melodies and haunting atmospheres. In addition, the album confidently and proudly features the band's new singer: with his debut Tommy Karevik from Sweden has proved that he suits Kamelot perfectly in every respect!
The LP and limited edition have one version of the art, while the standard version of Silverthorn has a different but equally exquisite version of the artwork. The standard version is presented as an Ecolbook. The limited edition contains the Ecolbook, a bonus CD with nearly 60 minutes of music, a 44 page book and an exclusive poster. The double LP version is a gatefold on colored blue marbeled vinyl. The digital version is available on iTunes.