KATAKLYSM's Maurizio Iacono - "A Part Of My Past Died Today"

February 1, 2013, 3 years ago

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KATAKLYSM/EX-DEO frontman Maurizio Iacono has posted the following message on Facebook:

"Today I buried my grandmother who died a few days ago. I saw my grandfather say his final goodbyes to her; it was extremely painful. If people don't believe in true love, you are wrong … they were married for over 70 years and stuck together through every hardship you can imagine. Everything I have good in me I owe it to them. The madness I owe it to the world. A part of my past died today but remains with me forever in my blood and in my soul.

Never forget where you come from .. because that's the only thing that is real and will always live on…my grandparents."

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