KATATONIA's 2006 Summer Breeze Festival Performance To Surface On Live Consternation CD/DVD

March 12, 2007, 12 years ago

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KATATONIA check in with the following update:

"Katatonia’s live performance from Germany’s Summer Breeze open air festival 2006 will be released as a double disc live album/DVD entitled Live Consternation on May 28th.

The super jewel case packaging will feature both the audio on CD and the show on DVD (including both 2.0 and 5.1 versions). The artwork was once again designed by Travis Smith and will close the visual concept for The Great Cold Distance phase."

The tracklisting: 'Leaders', 'Wealth', 'Soil's Song', 'Had To (Leave)', 'Cold Ways', 'Right Into The Bliss', 'Ghost Of The Sun', 'Criminals', 'Deliberation', 'July', 'Evidence'.

As previously reported, the band recently posted their brand new video, 'July', shot and directed by Charlie Granberg, at YouTube.com here.

Granberg comments: “It’s basically a performance video. But I wanted the feeling of the band playing in a very rough, abandoned or even bombed out house, in an extremely warm country like Mexico or somewhere in the middle east. Dark on the inside, but with sunbeams searching their way through the dust, hitting the band-members here and there. I really wanted the feeling of the outside world being so much better and brighter than the place the band is in. The biggest challenge with this video I think, was that I wanted to use really warm and grainy colors, which is kinda rare in this type of music, but at the same time wrap it in a gloomy, apocalyptic feeling. But I think the balance is there and I’m happy the band liked it so much.”

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