KILLER DWARFS' Russ ‘Dwarf’ Graham On Possible Live Release - "We Have So Much Audio And Video... Hopefully We Will Do Something With It"

February 12, 2014, 3 years ago

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Sleaze Roxx scribe Olivier caught up with KILLER DWARFS frontman and lead vocalist Russ 'Dwarf' Graham a few days after the band's latest show in Toronto to discuss a number of things including the band's future plans. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Q: I read somewhere that you guys have actually recorded all your shows since ‘Reunion Of Scribes’ and I saw that you recorded your last show in Toronto. When can we expect a live CD or DVD?

A: "It all depends on the time to get in and fool around with the stuff and see what we have. We have always recorded a lot of stuff and videotaped everything from like 1984 on so we have so much audio and video. Hopefully, we will do something with it. You know, to record a live show is hit and miss because we are really active on stage. It is not like we are just standing there trying to deliver the perfect technical part which is not what we are about anyways. We are more about the atmosphere. I think everybody can play in the band and everything but we will see what happens. We are talking about stuff, but we have got a whole bunch of things on the backburner right now. Basically, what we are trying to do right now is we are gearing up to start playing a bunch of shows - so trying to get in that mode. We will probably be recording those too."

Read the complete interview at Sleaze Roxx.

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