KISS Album Focus Series Now Available On iBook Platform

July 21, 2013, 4 years ago

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KISSFAQ titles have been available on Kindle for years, so it was time to ensure that iBook readers were offered the same opportunities. As we wait for

the final iBooks to traverse the process for entry into the iTunes store, several of the KissFAQ titles have already successfully done so...

The KISS Album Focus Series:

Volume I - Kings of the Night Time World (2010 Version)

KISS redefined what it meant to be a band and to entertain. They took elements previously explored by ALICE COOPER and the NEW YORK DOLLS to whole new levels as a package that extended past the confines of the stage. In essence they defined themselves to be more than just music and were more about the whole entertainment process: The music, the personalities transformed into characters, the show, and the merchandising and business. Anything and everything was possible, no idea ignored, and nothing was sacred for exploitation in the name of the band. There was an evolutionary process and the people who surrounded the band were the sort who didn't live by any conventional rule-book, they were perfect for a band who didn't want to be like any other.

Volume II - Hell or High Water, 1983-96 (2008 Version)

This volume continues the story of KISS, and its associated members, in the period following the band's classic "original" era. Volume 1 concluded with the band completing the American leg of the 10th Anniversary Tour in April 1983. This volume picks up the story during the period between the end of that tour and the beginning of the Lick It Up tour - a transitional period for the band with major ramifications for the remainder of the 1980s. With the challenges that KISS faced during the 1980s, it is possible that 'Under The Gun' or 'Reason To Live' could have been equally appropriate subtitles for this volume. Regardless of what happened to them, KISS kept on trying...

Volume III - Roar of Greasepaint, 1997-2006

Volume III brings the story of KISS, and its associated members, as far up to date as is possible. It covers the post-reunion era through the early-2006 period of inactivity and distraction. Volume I concluded with the band completing the American leg of the 10th Anniversary Tour in April 1983; Volume II concluded with the departure of Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer from the band and the release of Carnival Of Souls. This volume picks up the story during the period with the recording of Psycho Circus, the attempt to present KISS' first studio album with the "original" line-up in nearly 20 years.

By 1997 KISS had enjoyed the most successful tour of their career with the Alive/Worldwide 1996-7 Reunion. They were no longer struggling to survive, as had been the case in the 1980s and early-1990s, but were faced with a new challenge: Stay relevant or become a novelty act...

The Other Side Of The Coin

The Other Side Of The Coin is a compilation of previously published interviews and articles from the KISSFAQ website. It also includes additions to material previously published in the KISS Album Focus trilogy and some unpublished material.

Volume IV - Never Enough, 2007-2013: Currently pending final "review."

Rock And Roll All Nite: The Kiss & Related Recordings Focus: Currently pending final "review."

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