KISS - PAUL STANLEY Burrn! Interview Part II Available

June 17, 2006, 13 years ago

paul stanley news ii rock hard kiss has posted part II of frontman PAUL STANLEY's interview with Burrn! Magazine. An excerpt follows:

Burrn!: Have you guys ever thought about the notion of doing an ELTON JOHN thing, like playing at one place five nights a week in Las Vegas for like a year straight?

Stanley: "Yeah, we were actually talking about that. There have been some overtures made to us about doing that. I’m willing to hear anything out because things that I once thought were a little unrealistic really aren’t. We’ll just have to see where things take us. I love KISS and I love being in KISS, I also love the album that I finished,I want to go out and play, I want to put a great band together and I want to come to Japan and have a great time."

Burrn!: So life is exciting to you. You’ve got a new beautiful wife, baby on the way, new solo record, your first one since 1978 and not many people can say all that Paul.

Stanley: "Well life is what you make it. In life we can either choose to be a victim and complain about our position or we change it. We can either complain about things that happened in the past or we can move on. I’m a big believer in you determining your life and that philosophy means that I don’t put boundaries or limitations on what I can do in my life, whether it’s professional or personal. So that’s the attitude that has always been part of KISS and that’s my attitude in life."

To read the entire interview head here.

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