KIX’s Steve Whiteman On New Live In Baltimore – “If It Gets Us Some More Recognition, If It Generates More Fans And Gets Us Gigs That Would Be Great”

October 6, 2012, 2 years ago

hot flashes news kix recently conducted an interview with KIX frontman Steve Whiteman. In the interview Whiteman talked about the band’s new Live album Live In Baltimore. Excerpts from the interview are below: Kix has a new live CD/DVD out Live In Baltimore. Can you tell us how this project came about? Steve Whiteman: “It was never really a conscious effort on our parts to put out a live anything. We were just kind of playing all over the country and we had these guys approach us and say they wanted to come out and shoot a show. I guess they were trying to get their name out there as well. So we decided to have them come down to a Baltimore show. You know we always kill in Baltimore so they came to a venue called the Ram's Head and they shot the show and we didn't really think much about it. Then several months later, they started sending clips and we we're looking at it. We were really blown away at how good this was. We just thought it was gonna be a bunch of amateurs but it turned out to be really, really good. So Mark, our bass player, kind of put this whole thing together and started working with them. They were mixing it and when it was all said and done it was something that we were all pretty damn proud of and thought we should get this out to the fans. So the next step was to find somebody that would distribute it. So we got lucky with Frontiers records. They came out and said they would put it out as a live DVD and live CD, which we didn't even think about that part of it. So you get two products in one package.” Are there plans for a tour once the new record comes out? Steve Whiteman: “You know I have no clue. I don't make bold statements like that. Everything that you do is in stages. It's like I don't know what this live DVD is gonna do. I have no clue. If it gets us some more recognition, if it generates more fans and gets us gigs that would be great. If it doesn't, we'll just keep going and we'll be happy. So if the new live CD will come out and do well, I just don't see it getting a lot of radio airplay. Because I know the boys in RATT put one out and it's great for the fans that want to hear a new record but the industry really doesn't pay much attention.” Now that Kix is back together, does this feel like the old days or is it more of a new beginning for Kix? Steve Whiteman: “It's a new beginning because in the old days all we did was play. Play, play, play so I was never home. I would never want to go back to that lifestyle. I would not want to get on a tour bus and play five, six nights a week. I love the fact that we can fly out before a show, do a show and fly home. I love that we can drive to the shows on the East Coast and go home and it's no pressure. It's so much easier. We're making more money than we ever did. We're more popular than we ever were. I don't get it, but I love it!” Read the entire interview at this location. Live In Baltimore will be released on September 21st in Europe and September 25th in North America.
Since the band’s return to the national stage in 2008 with appearances at two of the biggest rock festivals in the US, Rocklahoma in Pryor, Oklahoma and Rock the Bayou in Houston, TX , Kix has amassed a large number of successful live shows all across the USA, with regular appearances at festivals, casinos and biker rallys, culminating with headlining the hugely successful M3 Festival in Columbia, MD two years in a row. The new live CD / DVD is packed with fan favorites and a choice catalog of great hard rock Kix songs recorded live in Baltimore, MD. As the demand from the fans for new Kix music has never subsided and in fact has only increased over the last few years, band members have decided that they can no longer ignore the overtures from the fans and are writing new Kix songs for a new album due out on Frontiers Records in 2013. Singer Steve Whiteman stated "This is a great thing for us and we hope it’s a great thing for Kix fans all around the world. We are so thrilled to finally be able to give the fans what they have been asking for, a live DVD and new Kix music in 2013! We have been hard at work getting new material together that we think will stand shoulder to shoulder with any previous Kix record. It’s a really exciting time!" The Kix lineup includes original members Steve Whiteman, Jimmy Chalfant, Ronnie Younkins and Brian Forsythe with Mark Schenker on bass. Live in Baltimore will be released in a CD/DVD configuration with the following tracklisting : CD: 'No Ring Around Rosie' 'Atomic Bombs' 'Lie Like A Rug' 'Don’t Close Your Eyes' 'Girl Money' 'Cold Blood' 'Cold Shower' 'She Dropped Me The Bomb' 'Blow My Fuse' 'Kix Are For Kids' 'Midnite Dynamite' 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' DVD: 'No Ring Around Rosie' 'Atomic Bombs' 'Lie Like A Rug' 'Sex' 'The Itch' 'Don’t Close Your Eyes' 'Hot Wire' 'Same Jane' 'Girl Money' - Ronnie “10/10” solo - 'Cold Blood' - Jimmy “Chocolate” solo - 'Cold Shower' 'She Dropped Me The Bomb' 'Blow My Fuse' 'Kix Are For Kids' 'Midnite Dynamite' 'For Shame' - Brian “Damage” solo - 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' Digital Edition (audio only): 'No Ring Around Rosie' 'Atomic Bombs' 'Lie Like A Rug' 'Sex' * 'The Itch' * 'Don’t Close Your Eyes' 'Hot Wire' * 'Girl Money' 'Cold Blood' 'Cold Shower' 'She Dropped Me The Bomb' 'Blow My Fuse' 'Kix Are For Kids' 'Midnite Dynamite' 'For Shame' * 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' * bonus tracks Check out the DVD trailer below. 'Cold Shower' can be exclusively listened in streaming on the Frontiers Records web radio station here.

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