KROKUS - "It Has To End With Our Heads Up High!"

March 2, 2013, 4 years ago

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According to an update from Greece-based Rock Overdose, during a recent interview with KROKUS' Chris Von Rohr it was revealed that in the next two years, the band will definitely release a live album, as the current band’s lineup is the best and strongest ever.

"It’s very simple. One day, Fernando (Von Arb, band’s guitarist) and me were sitting and talking somewhere in 2007 and we agreed that we cannot end Krokus the way it was going at the time. We have to end it with something strong, with the best songs ever, with the strongest lineup! It has to end with our heads up high!"

The Swiss newspaper Blick recently caught up with Krokus frontman Marc Storace. An excerpt from the interview is available below:

Blick: Dirty Dynamite is the 17th Krokus album. Does a new release still feel special?

MS: "Of course! Because no one – even not us – believed that after all this time that passed we all would be still alive and enjoy rock'n'roll. Somehow we managed to stay kids after all. Actually it is amazing."

Blick: Meaning what?

MS: "We recorded Dirty Dynamite at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London where amongst others THE BEATLES produced their biggest hits. I walked into the studios with gleaming eyes, heart palpitation and I felt like I went to heaven. As long as I feel such euphoria I feel I'm doing the right thing."

Blick: There have been rumors for years that you were supposed to replace the deceased singer Bon Scott of AC/DC fame in 1980. Any truth to that?

MS: "Yes, I was considered. At the time AC/DC searched for a successor for the late Bon Scott. One day a guy flew from Birmingham, England to Solothurn, Switzerland and told me to come for an audition. I wasn't interested at all."

Blick: You would have been a millionaire today.

MS: "Maybe so. But I was happy in Switzerland, Krokus started just to break through internationally - even in the United States. We were number one everywhere. In the band, there was this great camaraderie. I did not wanted to leave to go anywhere else. I was here at home. I am a loyal dög."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

The Dirty Dynamite album will feature the following tracks:

'Hallelujah Rock’n’Roll'

'Go Baby Go'

'Rattlesnake Rumble'

'Dirty Dynamite'

'Let The Good Times Roll'

'Help' (BEATLES cover)

'Better Than Sex'

'Dög Song'

'Yellow Mary'

'Bailout Blues'

'Live Ma Life'

'Hardrocking Man'

The video for 'Dirty Dynamite' can be viewed below:

Sony Music is offering the title track as a free download. It was the last song that was recorded at Abbey Road Studios at 5 o'clock in the morning. Bassist Chris von Rohr added some honky tonk piano licks on the original 'Lady Madonna' piano at the studio. Click here (scroll down) to download.

Krokus tour dates:


2 - Zürich, Switzerland - Volkshaus
9 - Solothurn, Switzerland - Kofmehl
11 - Solothurn, Switzerland - Kulturfabrik Kofmehl


20 - Bayern, Germany - Pyras
27 - Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany - Seebronn

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