LAMB OF GOD - Randy Blythe To Soon Learn Whether He Will Be Required To Return To The Czech Republic To Stand Trial On Criminal Charges

November 17, 2012, 4 years ago

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LAMB OF GOD vocalist Randy Blythe will soon learn whether or not he will be required to return to the Czech Republic to stand trial on criminal charges.

According to Czech news site, Police in the Czech Republic have completed their investigation into the matter and have recommended that Blythe be indicted and ordered to return to the Czech Republic to stand trial.

Blythe’s case file has now been sent to the prosecutor, who will determine if there is enough criminal liability to pursue the case further.

A spokesperson for the Municipal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague, Stephanka Zenklova, stated that a decision on the matter will be made before the end of November.

Blythe was arrested on June 28 this year at the Prague Airport on charges of causing, “bodily harm of the fourth degree, resulting in the death of a fan:” an event that allegedly took place during a Lamb Of God concert on May 24, 2010. Blythe was detained in a Czech Republic prison for thirty seven days before he was released on bail.

Blythe has been adamant since he was released on bail that if he was required to return to the Czech Republic to stand trial he would do so.

He previously stated: “I want my name cleared. I have to go around the world and tour, you know. That’s what I do. I’m not going to hide here. I’m an innocent man. I’m going to go to court and see what happens.”

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