LEGION OF THE DAMNED Announce South American Werewolves 2013 Tour

February 8, 2013, a year ago

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Netherlands-based death thrashers LEGION OF THE DAMNED have confirmed five South American dates that will take place in June. The band got enormous respect from South American metal heads due to their performance at Sao Luis Metal Fest last year in Brasil. Because of some major organization errors the band was not able to give the fans a true Legion Of The Damned concert, therefor they will be back in June. Dates can be found on the poster below:
Legion Of The Damned recently issued a major update with regards to their upcoming album, Ravenous Plague, to be released via the band's new worldwide record deal with Napalm Records. The band will record Ravenous Plague with none other than master producer Andy Classen (TANKARD, KRISIUN, HOLY MOSES) at the Stage One Studio in Germany. Andy produced their albums Feel The Blade, Malevolent Rapture, Sons Of The Jackal and Cult Of The Dead. The band's latest album, Descent Into Chaos was produced by Peter Tägtgren in Sweden at the Abyss studio. Vocalist Maurice Swinkels explains: "Peter was a super experience to us and it was a hell of a great time, for me it was a personal thing, I was curious to hear the result with a different producer other than Andy Classen, but the beating heart of Legion Of The Damned lies in Bühne, the home town of Stage One Studio in Germany."
The band has been composing new songs for more than a year now, and will enter the studio in March 2013. "Many of the succesful albums of Legion Of The Damned were produced by Andy Classen and therefor we build such a strong team with him", drummer Erik Fleuren continues. "He can truely push us to our limits, and thats what we need." The band also believes that since its the first Legion Of The Damned album for guitarist Twan van Geel, its a good decision to choose a familiar environment. Former guitarist Richard Ebisch left the band more than a year ago, after serving the band since 1994, although he was to be seen as the mastermind behind all the typical Legion Of The Damned riffs. Maurice says fans can still expect a true Legion Of The Damned album: "Richard was the only guitarist, but writing new material in Legion Of The Damned was never a one man job or decision, everyone is involved, therefor even with Twan van Geel on the heavy strings fans can expect a typical Legion Of The Damned album since we definitely stay true to our style, although it will have its own special twist ofcourse, since Twan has its own style of playing." Maurice adds: "We can't wait to record the new album, Ravenous Plague. It will definitely feel as if we are 'coming home'." Says Andy Classen: "I'm really glad to get the Legions back to stage one studio - I always felt like a band member and I love the band and their music. So now we're looking forward to do another killer Legion Of The Damned album!" Once again Tony "Skullcrusher" Manero is responsible for the lyrical content of the new album and deals with various aspects of apocalypticism, it deals with what happens when society falls apart when everything lies in ruins and how people manage to survive. When the album will be released is still to be announced.
Legion Of The Damned lineup: Maurice Swinkels - vocals Twan van Geel - guitars Harold Gielen - bass Erik Fleuren - drums Hein Willekens - guitars More on Legion Of The Damned at this location.
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