LIGHT THIS CITY - The Hero Cycle Reissue Artwork And Release Date Revealed

January 6, 2010, 9 years ago

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On January 19th, Prosthetic Records will reissue LIGHT THIS CITY's debut album, The Hero Cycle, with all new packaging and artwork.

Recorded in 2003 while the band's members were still in high school, The Hero Cycle aptly foreshadows the developments of qualities that would soon make the group a major player in modern metal: riffs that deftly mixed aggression and melody, the fiery vocals of spitfire front woman Laura Nichol, and a wholly energetic approach that attempted to forge new ground for the genre while still demonstrating reverence for its classics.

Produced by Zack Ohren, The Hero Cycle, according to liner notes written by the band that accompany the reissue, “reveals the innocence of a young band trying to grow and mature at a rapid pace. Many afternoons after class throughout high school and weekends in between were spent in a basement hammering out what would become this album, and those remain some of the most fun and memorable days Light This City has ever seen.”

The album tracklisting: 'Apostate', 'Picture: Start', 'Give Up', 'Parisian Sun', 'Cold' (AT THE GATES cover), 'Laid To Rest', 'Sierra', 'No Solace In Sleep', 'The Weight Of Glory' 'Next To Godliness'.

Light This City would go on to release three more albums: Remains Of The Gods, Facing The Thousand and Stormchaser before breaking up in 2008 "because of personal and practical reasons."

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