LILLIAN AXE Mixing Live Acoustic Gig For Summer Release

March 25, 2013, 3 years ago

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On March 23rd, LILLIAN AXE guitarist Steve Blaze was awarded a blue belt in Shaolin Kung Fu. "It was a grueling six hour test. I am still feeling the repercussions," he says. "It takes about three years per belt due to the fact that this form, called Infinity, encompasses Tai Chi, PaQua and weapons as well. The nine years I have been studying this art have really helped me to cope with the unpredictable world we live in. Eric Morris is also a student of Kung Fu, but, no, we don't spar on the road." He is now beginning study for the green belt.

In other news, The Louisiana WPI ghost hunting team is preparing the casting call for the potential reality show featuring Steve Blaze, president of this chapter. "We have over 120 applicants so far from all walks of life. This should be very interesting as we start to put together my team to assist me in this endeavor."

Blaze and the band are in the process of editing and mixing the enormously successful acoustic concert from last month (at Sound Landing Studios, in Covington, LA). "It really was a magical night in a spiritual way. It may go down as the most unique and special show I have ever done. The band was amazing, only to be matched by the audience. We hope to have this ready for summer."

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