LIV KRISTINE Performs THEATRE OF TRAGEDY's 'A Distance There Is' In Switzerland; Video Available

December 25, 2012, 4 years ago

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Vocalist LIV KRISTINE (LEAVES' EYES) has issued the following update:

"Dear fans and friends,

A warm thank you to all of you who attended my solo shows during my tour, which ended in Nagold, Germany, with many fantastic highlights. Thank you especially to all of you who travelled from far away to share these moments with me and my band. I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and many more wonderful moments to come in 2013."

Liv performed in Pratteln, Switzerland at Galery on December 20th. Fan-filmed video from the show is available below:

Liv is featured in a new interview with BW&BK;'s Carl Begai discussing her new solo album, Libertine. An excerpt from the story is available below:

First single ‘Paris Paris’ is sure to test anyone who has a preference for Liv’s heavier side with Leaves’ Eyes. Anyone that’s followed her career through the ups and downs of Theatre Of Tragedy – from doom-goth to pop-industrial – will find some striking references to the old days. In the case of these old ears and as strange as it may sound, ‘Paris Paris’ bears a similar vibe to Theatre’s single from 2000, ‘Image’.

“I’ll tell you why; I wrote the song for the Musique album,” Liv reveals. “Ray (Rohonyi / vocals) had an idea and we worked out something very simple for it, made it sort of like a synth pop song. I still had it in my mind and I thought it was too bad we never used it, and when I was putting Libertine together I saw it becoming a little bit more rock oriented than I had originally planned. When I played the song ‘Libertine’ in Nagold, which has a Theatre Of Tragedy touch (circa the Aegis album), just to see how the people would react and the people went crazy, so that’s the direction I decided to take for this album. So, because I had the song ‘Paris Paris’ left over, I decided to rework it with my garage band (laughs). I showed it to the guys and what you hear now is what we came up with.”

The Nagold show is a conversation piece in many of the interviews Liv has done since the December 2011 performance. A small, intimate club show in Germany, the setlist featured material from her first three solo albums, a couple Leaves’ Eyes and Theatre Of Tragedy tunes, capped off with a first ever live performance of the song ‘Libertine’. Liv looks back fondly on the night.

“It was a very special evening for me because half of the audience were Theatre Of Tragedy fans. There were some Leaves’ Eyes fans and some solo project fans, but for the Theatre fans it was like (deep sigh), ‘Finally! She’s keeping the spirit alive…’ (laughs). I felt that, too. Now, getting over the whole issue of being kicked out of the band, when I look back now I think it’s such a shame everything went down the drain. Theatre Of Tragedy was a great band and I’m very happy I was a part of it. The experience made me become the artist that I am.”

Go to this location for the complete story.

The Libertine tracklist is as follows:

'Interlude (Intro)'

'Solve Me'


'Vanilla Skin Delight' (Duet With Tobias Regner)


'Paris Paris'

'Wait For Rain'

'Love Crime'


'Meet Me In The Red Sky'

'The Man With A Child In His Eyes' (KATE BUSH Cover)

About the album Liv recently commented: "Libertine is truly a milestone in my career; it sums up my most important artistic experiences in my creative journey through life.The more rock and metal-based songs like 'Vanilla Skin Delight' (incl. superb male vocals from Tobias Regner), 'Paris Paris', 'Solve Me' and title track 'Libertine' certainly expose some of those magic moments which fans of Theatre Of Tragedy enjoyed and treasured on Aegis and Musique. The ballads 'Silence', 'Love Crime' and 'Meet Me in the Red Sky' will go straight into you hearts, each of them being absolute individual in their emotional expressions and musical compositions. Alex (Krull; ATROCITY, Leaves' Eyes) gave each track a perfect sound in the mix by emphasizing on each song’s characteristic accent and atmosphere. I can’t wait to let you hear this album; it is exceptional to me both personally and in my artistic career, and I can’t wait to play these songs for you live! The cover- and booklet artwork is completed as well. It took a while for me, personally, to find the artistic expression I wished to expose in my pictures, however, Heile and Alex guided me into the right direction, for which I am so happy and grateful."

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