LOGIC OF DENIAL's Atonement Due In February

January 17, 2013, 7 years ago

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Italian death metal band LOGIC OF DENIAL has joined forces with Comatose Music for the February 12th release of Atonement.

After performing at the renowned Neurotic Deathfest (NL) and recording the two track promo Incipit Of Abhorrence in 2011, Logic Of Denial finally unleash their second full length album titled Atonement. Mastered at the mighty Hertz Studios and thematically focused on the fields of expiation and catharsis, this album features 11 tracks of blasting death metal brutality, where the process of atonement could represent the ravenous, sick, odd and contradictory side of human and in-human existence.

Check out the cover art and tracklisting for Atonement:

'Reek Of Perpetual Infamy'

'Weeping Upon Repugnance'

'Behold The Throne Of Torture'

'Vile Blessing Prelude'

'The Ravenous Patterns (Of Oblivion)'


'Catharsis Through Ungodly Annihilation'


'Oracles Of Iniquity'



Logic Of Denial is:

Mattia Gatti - vocals

Alessandro D'Antone - guitars

Daniele Costa - drums

Marcello Tavernari - bass

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