LOU GRAMM On Possible FOREIGNER Farewell Tour - "It Would Be Really Great To Do That Instead Of Leaving It With Such A Bitter And Unfinished Ending"

May 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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Jeb Wright at Classic Rock Revisited recently caught up with former FOREIGNER frontman Lou Gramm to dicuss the singer's new book, Juke Box Hero. An excerpt from the interview is available below:

Jeb: Tell me why you decided to write the book, Juke Box Hero, at this time in your life.

Lou: "Plenty of time had gone by and I’ve had a full career. I still want to stay active in a number of ways, but in-between all of the history of the band, my solo albums and all of the exciting truck crashes and things like that; I thought I had enough material to do a book. I contacted a fellow named Scott Pitoniak, who is also from Rochester, New York. He does sports biographies, so this is a little left of center of him. I enjoy his style of writing and I thought we could collaborate, so I contacted him and it has been nothing but good."

Jeb: There are a lot of rock and roll biographies coming out at this time. Your story is unique, as you have the story of coming up and joining Foreigner, your health and drug addiction.

Lou: "It was interesting when it happened. Some parts were very emotional to talk about and some were very cathartic. Some parts really pumped me up and some made me angry. It was really a cross section of emotions to talk about it all."

Jeb: Talk about breaking up with Foreigner.

Lou: "I left the band three times and the third time was the final time. The first two times were because I wasn’t given much artistic freedom within the band when it came to my ability to co-write. Every time I came up with an idea it had to be critiqued by Mick (Jones) before he would decide whether he was going to use it or not. It was like I was raising my hand to tell the teacher something. It really did a lot of damage to my self-confidence. When the opportunity came to do my own album, I jumped at it. I did it to show him that I was certainly capable of doing this, but mostly, I did it for myself and to show myself I had what it took."

Jeb: Do you ever see a day where you and Mick could be back in Foreigner together?

Lou: "His management and my management are tossing around the idea of a farewell tour. I would really like to do that. It would be really great to do that instead of leaving it with such a bitter and unfinished ending."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

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