LOUDNESS - Multi-Camera Live Footage From Hurricane Eyes Tour 2013 Posted

May 21, 2013, 4 years ago

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Rough multi-camera footage of LOUDNESS performing in Tokyo, Japan on their recent Hurricane Eyes Tour 2013 has been posted online. Three full length clips are available. All three tracks - 'Rock N' Roll Gypsy', 'This Lonley Heart' and 'Rock This Way' - were taken from the band's 1987 album, Hurricane Eyes:

Pro-shot footage of Loudness performing at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball during their Classic Loudness Series Single Collection Tour 2012 last year has been posted online. Check it out below.

The setlist is as follows:

'Crazy Night'

'Burning Love'

'Road Racer'

'Risky Woman'

'Silent Sword'

'Long Distance Love'


'Crazy Samurai'

'The Battleship Musashi'

'So Lonely'

'Bad News'

'Gotta Fight'

'Let It Go'

'In The Mirror'

Encore 1

'The Stronger'


Encore 2

'Requiem - The King Of Pain'

Loudness release their 25th official studio album, 2012, via Tokuma Communications in Japan on August 22nd, 2012. Some full length audio samples from the record are available below.

'The Stronger'

'End Of The Age'

'Break New Ground'

'Driving Force'

'Behind The Scene'

'Bang 'Em Dead'

'The Voice Of Metal'

'Who The Hell Cares'

'Spirit From The East'

'Memento Mori'

'Out Of The Space'

'Deep-Six The Law'

Click here to order the album via CDJapan.

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