LUNARSEA To Begin Work On New Album

January 12, 2013, 4 years ago

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Italian melodic death metallers LUNARSEA will enter in studio next week to record the third full-length album entitled Hundred Light Years. It will be released next May via Punishment18Records.

The new album is a concept album and will be record at the OuterSoundStudios. It will be mastered at Fascination Studio by Jens Brogen(OPETH, SOILWORK, AMON AMARTH).

Some special guest that appear on new album are: Tim Charles (NE OBLIVISCARIS), German producer Tom Nitfield, Emanuele Casali (DGM-Astra), German pianist Martin Minor, and American violinist Michael Sulmann.

According to a press release: "travelling at the speed of light, to reach the separated one. Lonely, with his sphere-ship, beginning to follow a path towards a personal aphelion, the furthest place from home and as it is hard to leave passions, happiness, well-being, and anything that is moving away. Over there, where the five senses are unused, where human speech does not make sense, where it is necessary to describe what will never be. orbit and stability, the Tao, the circle, the electron around the nucleus, seasons. metaphors of this story. Sound turns blind, image dumb. second by second, in front the universe expands, behind it shortens. Here I am, closed between lead and snake, dreaming of horses and eagles, beyond pillars. The swan will open its wings to welcome me. Written by bare hands, without shedding a tear, without thinking about what has been left behind, so misunderstood, so incomprehensible, two faces, one destiny: To make the same turn. A new nebula disturbs the monotony, the bright surprise waiting a less boring century the star wind slips out of fingers, and the memory of what it was disappears, as a galaxy behind a radiant sun. The blue and the red shift, the immortal black, frequencies of a faded communication, detached emotions. Body and a flattened mind remains, there is not much more to do. Just me..."

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