MAGNUM Frontman BOB CATLEY - "I Consider Myself Very Lucky To Be Offered Such Things As AVANTASIA And AYREON"

April 24, 2008, 11 years ago

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Picture (left to right): Jorn Lande, Tobias Sammet, Bob Catley recently caught up with MAGNUM vocalist Bob Catley. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Promised Land: Some people started listening to your work after they had listened to AVANTASIA. Do you think the project "gave" you more fans? Do you think this kind of guest appearance is important to a musician?

Bob Catley: "I guess the more people hear a name mentioned the more they eventually start to take notice, which can only be a good thing for my solo career. I think Avantasia among other projects that I've worked on has been a big part of this procedure. So yes, I think it's very important to pick the right projects to be involved in, with the hope that it's a huge success for everybody concerned, including the fans."

Promised Land: Eric Singer (KISS / Avantasia) claims that everything that he did and does, from BLACK SABBATH, KISS and Alice Cooper to Avantasia, is just rock, that there's no differences! Do you see it that way too or do you believe that what you do in Magnum and in your solo career is different from the things Tobias Sammet and Arjen Lucassen asked you to do in their projects (Avantasia and AYREON)??

Bob Catley: "Everything I've been involved in, everything I've sung, be it Magnum, solo or other people's projects, has been equally important to me in my life, and if it's good, it's right for me to do, whoever they are for, and they all demand equal commitment. I consider myself very lucky to be offered such things as Avantasia and Ayreon, amongst others. Having said that, there will always be small differences between rock operas and normal studio albums but that's only the nature of the way the work has been written to involve different singers."

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