MANES Studio Update Available

October 20, 2006, 12 years ago

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Norwegian experimentalists MANES have begun recording their first album for Candlelight Records. The following studio blog is available:

"Finally, we've started recording a new album. We started the whole studio process this first weekend of cold October at Spiren Studio in Rognes with producer Rune Stavnesli at the helm. As a starting point we basically just dumped our whole Invention-directory into the studio hard discs. Loops and coils of just about anything; lo-fi vocals and jam-along guitars included. We got a little lecture in structure and should-have's, but that was basically it that weekend.

The Saturday night cozy blanket, hot chocolate and dining room table-sized souvenir Eiffel-tower puzzle is growing to a full fucking 1:1 Paris city panorama head-fuck. ...You know... We're building a Great Wall of sound, but it doesn't seem to keep the barbarians out.

So start throwing coins and bills, we need to strip it down. We need to go Dahmer-like and carve some fat off this bone. Ok, I could go on ...

As we have chosen to weed out intensity and dirt-under-the-fingernails workmanship, we took the week off and came back the following weekend. Ready to give it all a little more of everything in the name of excess. Starting with electric bass and the first few fragile guitar-themes, it went smooth. We've only just started and started soft with distant reverb and flowing harmonies. Well... with a little'un of Gammel Dansk the bass-recording is a blur of fragmented retakes, but most of the bass seems to be done in a satisfactory bulldozer fashion. So that's all good then. Lemmy tha man.

Some weekdays seem to pass and some more details seem to be recorded. Judge Dredd multiball.

New weekend: drums. More downing of those lil' Gamle Dansk in the late hours, screaming "more Swedish dödsmetall!" over downbeat laid-back grooves. Poor Tor-Arne. Well, it won't be many of them Sunlight bursts, but some dubla basskaggor might appear in the brooding black pulse somewhere. We'll see what stays and what hits the cutting room floor, but all in all the drums are done and done very well indeed.

And now, a new weekend approaches and we'll try to get all the guitars done. Time to smear distortion all over all things pretty and clean. Another blog another time. Stay tuned. Man bites blog."

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