MARDUK's Panzer Division 2013 Tour With GRAVE, DEATH WOLF, VALKYRIA - More Details Revealed

October 14, 2013, 5 years ago

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On darkened wings the Swedish wolf pack MARDUK, GRAVE, DEATH WOLF and VALKYRIA shall descend upon the old world for an irrevocable baptism by fire, blood and metal!

Kicking off on November 28th, all three Century Media bands on this extensive run look immensely forward to this autumn/winter campaign and have a couple of devilish surprises in store:

Marduk's Morgan Håkansson: “As we just played the final date of the Serpent Sermon Tour which has been an intense march across this world, we are proud to announce that before this year comes to an end yet another march over Europe will be done! Three weeks of mayhem as we are teaming up with legendary death metal act Grave as well as Valkyrja and Death Wolf. Marduk will be spearheading and be performing the entire Panzer Division Marduk album from 1999, and as 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the Those Of The Unlight album we will be doing that one as well! So don’t miss out on this march over Europe!!”

Grave's Ola Lindgren: "The Grave camp is really looking forward to this tour. It's a killer line-up with different kinds of styles still attractive to a lot of the same audience and I'm sure it will be a blast for us as well as for the fans. We will add some interesting tracks to our set-list, rarities that we played on the 25th anniversary gig here in Stockholm earlier this fall. Europe beware and lock up your daughters!"

Death Wolf's M. Bäckbrant: “We are looking forward to do our first European Tour in great company with this acts and bring Black Armoured Death over European soil! Don’t miss us as we march over Europe on our crusade unleashing the black flame!”

Marduk's Panzer Division 2013 dates can be found here.

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