MARILLION – Four CD Set Of Singles Released

May 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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EMI has released a new set of MARILLION singles on four CDs with a 12 page booklet. This is a scaled down and revised version of the 2002 Marillion ? Singles Box Volume 2 ’89?’95 packed with tracks only previously available on the now very rare Singles Box Volume 2 ’89?’95.

The Singles ’89-95’ tracklisting:

Disc 1

‘Hooks In You’ (7” version)

‘After Me’

‘Hooks In You’ (meaty mix)

‘Uninvited Guest’ (7” version)

‘Easter’ (7” version)

‘The Release’

‘Easter’ (12” edit)

‘Uninvited Guest’ (live)

‘Warm Wet Circles’ (live)

‘That Time Of The Night’ (live)

‘Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)’

‘How Can It Hurt’

‘The Party’

Disc 2

‘No One Can’

‘A Collection’

‘Splintering Heart’ (live)

‘Dry Land’ (7” edit)

‘Holloway Girl’ (live)

‘Waiting To Happen’ (live)

‘Easter’ (live)

‘Sugar Mice’ (live)

‘After Me’ (live)

‘The King Of Sunset Town’ (live)

‘Substitute’ (live)


‘Kayleigh’ (live)

‘Dry Land’ (live)

‘Kayleigh’ (live)

‘I Will Walk On Water’ (5” mix)

Disc 3

‘Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)’ (Mike Stone Remix)

‘Sympathy’ (acoustic version)

‘Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)’ (acoustic version)

‘Sugar Mice’ (acoustic version)

‘The Great Escape’ (alternative ending)

‘Made Again’

‘Marouatte Jam’

‘The Hollow Man’


‘The Great Escape’/’The Last Of You’/’Fallin' from the Moon’ (medley) (orchestral version)

‘Winter Trees’ (instrumental)

Disc 4

‘Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury’ (radio edit)

‘Living With the Big Lie’

‘River’ (instrumental) (live)

‘Bridge’ (live)

‘Living With the Big Lie’ (live)

‘Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)’ (live)

‘Slainte Mhath’ (live)

‘Uninvited Guest’ (live)

‘The Space’ (live)


‘Afraid Of Sunrise’


‘Live Forever’

‘The Great Escape’ (demo)

‘Hard As Love’ (demo)

Featured Audio

MYRKUR - "Måneblôt” (Relapse)

MYRKUR - "Måneblôt” (Relapse)

Featured Video

METALITE - "Afterlife"

METALITE - "Afterlife"

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