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May 18, 2014, 3 years ago

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Slaughter frontman Mark Slaughter is featured in a new interview with Jack Antonio for the May 11th installment of the "Do You Know Jack?" radio show on Montreal's CJIM:

Mark Slaughter on DO YOU KNOW JACK? RADIO SHOW 5/11/2014 by Jack Antonio on Mixcloud

In a new interview with music writer Joel Gausten, Slaughter discusses a variety of topics including his new charity single 'Never Givin' Up' and touring with the current version of Slaughter, as well as offers insight into KISS' most reclusive former guitarist, Vinnie Vincent. An excerpt from the chat appears below:

Joel Gausten: We’re here talking about your new single, Slaughter’s very busy and KISS just went into the Rock Hall. This extended family of musicians is obviously still very active, but we’re still waiting for Vinnie to do whatever he’s going to do next musically, if ever. Because you worked with him and gained some insight into his character, what do you think it might be about him – either in his personality or creative process – that has led to the fact that for basically 20 years now, we’re still waiting for him to come out with his next thing?

Mark Slaughter: "Vinnie is a very talented individual. I have not seen him since 1988. We walked off the stage in Anaheim, CA, and I never saw the guy ever again. What’s funny is that you’re saying ‘neither has anybody else.’ He’s done a couple of KISS Conventions and things like that…I think that Vinnie’s absolutely brilliant to the point where he’s a perfectionist who will not let art be abandoned. Art is never finished; it’s just abandoned. You get to a point to where you just have to walk away from your art and go, ‘That’s good enough.’ I think that he's just re-painting and re-painting and re-painting, and that’s what he gets in. I hope he does do some music; it’s long overdue. He’s an incredibly talented musician, writer, guitar player. I think a lot of the stuff I’ve seen him do hasn’t even been recorded properly. In fact, (guitar maker) Grover Jackson and I were talking about this the other day. People don’t know how talented he really is, but it is what it is. For some reason, he just hasn’t put something out. I don’t know anybody who knows him; I’m not at all in his circles. He’s just in his own world, so who knows?"

The complete interview is available at this location.

Photo by Carol Anne Szel

Released last month, 'Never Givin’ Up' features Mark on vocals, bass and guitars, with drum duties handled by Mark Goodin. Mixed and mastered by legendary producer Michael Wagener, the track salutes the military and all who have served. A portion of the song’s proceeds are going to the Red Circle Foundation, a group that assists families of the US Special Operations Forces. Check it out and purchase a copy using the Amazon widget below.

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