MARKY RAMONE On DUST Re-Issues - "Twice As Loud And Much More Powerful Sonically"

May 24, 2013, 4 years ago

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RAMONES drummer Marky Ramone is featured in a new interview with Metal Express Radio. An excerpt is available below:

MER: The two albums that you recorded with DUST, Dust and Hard Attack, are being re-released. Why have you decided to put them out again now?

Marky: "They were originally on a label called Karma Sutra Buddah, and another label, Repertoire, bought the label. Sony Legacy eventually bought the rights to some of the stuff on Repertoire and my friend works at Sony and everyone was into the Dust albums and suggested we re-master and re-release them. The previous version hadn`t been mastered properly so we got the chance to go back and put that right. Now the album is twice as loud and much more powerful sonically."

MER: Were you involved with this reissue?

Marky: "I was there in the mastering house with the guys from Sony and supervised the process. I couldn`t believe it when I heard it back for the first time -- it sounded amazing. I`ve played it in the studio, in my car, on my home stereo, and on a boom box to see how it sounded, and it sounds amazing. We`ll also be having a vinyl edition coming out that`ll be numbered and collectable, so that should be pretty cool."

MER: Did you have access to the original master tapes for this project?

Marky: "We couldn`t find the original master tapes, but we did have the original reel to reel so we mastered the album from those. We didn`t remix it as it wasn`t necessary."

MER: Did you have any problems with those tapes, bearing in mind the are nearly 45 years old?

Marky: "It was incredible that we were able to find both of those tapes as one was done at Electric Ladyland and one was done at Bell Sound Studios, but they were in surprising good condition."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

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