MARTY FRIEDMAN Tried To Make MEGADETH An Alternative Band

May 19, 2004, 15 years ago

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Dave Mustaine from MEGADETH has posted the following in his forum at


I got to review all of the interview footage for the DVD or enhanced CD material regarding the remixes. I had just gotten done doing an interview with John Harrell from Burrn! Magazine and we talked about certain things that he heard and felt from (guitarist) Marty (Friedman) regarding Risk.

I went into the next room and the footage was playing, and lo and behold, Marty said he, the management, and the A & R department of Capitol were the ones responsible for trying to make Megadeth an alternative band. I was blown away that someone stepped up to the plate here.

This was not news to me, but it sure was nice to have him admit it, and y’all to hear from the horse’s mouth what really happened. I wish Marty the best and hope some day to play with him again, but if his heart is not into it 101% then there is no sense in doing it. He does shred though, doesn’t he?

It was great seeing the interview footage and the only one left to film is Junior. I hope that he is as upfront and honest as the others were. It just gives us all so much more credibility.


Mustaine also addressed the possibility of new fanclubs:

"Well, I had an interesting conversation today with some persons regarding Megadeth and Mustaine Fan Clubs, how it would interact here, different “FC only” cool stuff, 1-on-1 personal intimate interaction with me, and hopefully some other members, etc.

I was quite excited, but cautious just the same; I know how some of you feel with FCs and paying extra and getting less.

I promise that if there are Megadeth and Mustaine Fan Clubs that it would be cool enough for me to even join up. In fact I plan on having tremendous amounts of your ideas, and thought as part of the development.

I told them that I thought Dave McRobb was a cyber-diplomat, and that the system lords here have been terrific, and that together they should be able to find out how to make this “The” Fan Club to end all fan clubs.

Keep ya posted!"

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