MARTYR DEFILED Release 'Infidels' Video; November Tour Dates Announced

September 10, 2013, 4 years ago

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MARTYR DEFILED have released their new video, for the track ‘Infidels’. The video was directed by Tom Cronin, and can be seen below:

The new video was launched off the back of a month long countdown on a website called The band anonymously launched with a string of teaser videos made up of sensitive footage, disturbing sound effects and ominous phrases, along with a slightly worrying countdown clock which ended on 9th September at 7pm. Together this lead to the website receiving 500,000 hits in 30 days and over 25 youtube conspiracy videos (predominantly declaring that an attack will happen in America) looking for an answer as to what it is. The day before the video was unleashed the website was victim of an anonymous DDOS attack.

The band comment on the song and the viral campaign behind it: “We directed all of our anger and hatred into this song, and created what is by far the heaviest and most angry Martyr Defiled song both lyrically and musically to date. We decided to reflect this in the subversive viral campaign that we used to promote the release of the song - through It started as a simple idea, a bit of shock tactic and dramatisation of current events, but became something much more relevant to what Martyr Defiled stands for - we're p**sed off, and everyone else who's p**sed off can identify with what we're trying to say. The video is symbolic of this also - we are all infidels in our own way, and by being forced to wear a balaclava we become the faceless majority that is tired of putting up with your sh*t, and we're not gonna stand for it any more."

The concept of the video: “The balaclavas are representative of the idea that we are all faceless when it comes to how we are dealt with in society. No one believes in the idea that we are accountable for our actions, so we go about our daily business with no regard to who or what we effect by being the majority that we are.”

And the title of the song: "Infidels as a word means one who rejects a commonly held belief or principle. Infidels as a concept is the idea that we are all, in some way, being controlled and manipulated by someone else and to stand against that control means to be a subversive.”

Martyr Defiled will embark on a UK tour this November in support of American’s CAPTURE THE CROWN. Dates include:


10 - Cardiff, UK - Club Ifor Bach
11 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City Basement
12 - Glasgow, Scotland - Ivory Blacks
13 - Leeds, UK - Cockpit 2
14 - Manchester, UK -Satans Hollow
15 - Birmingham, UK - Asylum

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