MARYANN COTTON Releases Video ‘Halo Of Dust’

October 9, 2013, 3 years ago

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MARYANN COTTON has released a new video for the track, ‘Halo Of Dust’, featuring KING DIAMOND bassist Hal Patino on bass, Sebastian Sly on guitar, and Shawn Kernon on drums.

Maryann Cotton revealed in September the title of his forthcoming album as Chester Rose - The Legend Begins. Located below is the first official promotion picture for the concept. The new album will feature songs written by ALICE COOPER, Dick Wagner, Hal Patino, and himself.

Maryann states:

"Like DAVID BOWIE did ZIGGY STARDUST, and Alice Cooper did Steven, it's now time for Maryann Cotton to perform Chester Rose. In this concept you will be introduced to a world of chaos, blood and love. The album has the elements to become a classic rock album, you can really hear the feeling of Alice Cooper, AEROSMITH, KISS and LOU REED, as my producer Dick Wagner has worked with."

Producer Dick Wagner states:

"As we approach the actual recording dates of Maryann Cotton's second album, I am reminded of how I felt as Welcome to My Nightmare started becoming a reality. Like any great concept album, the writing and development of the music is a time consuming, super focused creative process, and Maryann Cotton's second album is to be a perfect example of the Artist and Producer working toward a musical goal that will make the listener think, feel, and experience the old and the new in a completely unique way. Maryann with his outstanding metal/rock Cooper-ish sound and feel are the perfect one to do this concept and songs, and the perfect one to perform Chester Rose! I'm proud to be his producer and friend."

More on Maryann Cotton here.

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