MASTER - Faith Is In Season 15th Anniversary Edition CD Out Now

April 7, 2013, 4 years ago

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has released the reissue of the classic MASTER album Faith Is In Season on CD format. This 15th Anniversary Edition includes an all new layout as well as alternate enhanced artwork.

The official description reads:

Official 15th Anniversary Edition reissue of the classic Master album Faith Is In Season! Master is the most well-known project of bassist, vocalist and songwriter Paul Speckmann. Prominent in the early extreme metal underground as one of the first death metal bands, they are also one of the most influential artists alongside DEATH and POSSESSED. Master helped invent the genre of grindcore as well, expanding on a heavy influence of MOTÖRHEAD, VENOM and SLAYER. Originally released by Pavement Music on April 7th, 1998, Faith Is In Season marks the true return to brutality for the band. Thick bass reproduction stands out on this raw, muscular recording as well as lyrical content that is full of visceral emotion and antisocial resistance. This sixteen track beast clocks in at close to 54 minutes of pure terror, sheer madness and primal rage! Features an all new layout and alternate enhanced artwork... bow down to the Master.

Faith Is In Season tracklisting:

'Follow Jesus'

'Cast The First Stone'

'Addicted To The Pistol'



'We're About To Fall'

'Believers Have A Choice'

'Faith Is Still In Season'

'Broken Promise'

'Where Are You Now?'

'Butchered By Numbers'


'Spiritual Bankruptcy'

'Victims Of Jesus'

'Return To Vietnam'

'Previously Committed'

Check out 'Broken Promise' below:

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