MASTERPLAN's Roland Grapow - "I Think HELLOWEEN Would Be Much Bigger If They Would Continue With The Style Of Keepers Albums"; New Audio Interview Online

November 15, 2012, 7 years ago

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Metal Shock Finland‘s Chief Editor Mohsen Fayyazi recently conducted an interview with MASTERPLAN leader Roland Grapow (ex-HELLOWEEN).

When discussing when he and Uli (Kusch) were fired from Helloween due to musical and personal differences, and what he thinks about Helloween in general, he comments: “Statements from bands and managers always have to say something like that, but basically it was just some personal kind of problems we had. I felt very secure in Helloween. In the middle of the tour I said something to Michael and Markus and I said my opinion about something. I wanted to make something the best for the band and I think they misunderstood me, like I wanted to be leader. I was telling the truth and that’s how I am… It was a great time in Helloween… but I am happy when I left the band after Dark Ride because it’s one of my favourite albums, it changed my life totally.

To be honest the first lin up of Helloween was the best ,but of course I have to say when I was in the band, it was a great lineup as well… I was very disappointed when I saw that they changed the style to get into the Chameleon direction, I think Helloween would be much bigger if they would continue with the style of Keepers albums, I think Helloween could be as big as METALLICA today."

You can listen to the whole of the interview at this location.

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