MEGADETH - Fanclub Member Meets The Band In Milan: "An Unforgettable Day In My Life"

March 15, 2009, 5 years ago

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MEGADETH MegaFanClub member Korom Szabolcs recently met the band in Milan, Italy on the Priest Feast tour. His recap of the experience appear below. "It’s very hard to put into words my feelings about M&G with Megadeth but I try it. First of all a little additional info. I was 15 years old when I listened to my very first metal album in my life and it was Countdown To Extinction. I was traveling at a train with friends of mine and one of his walkman I picked up and I started to listen it. Some minutes later I asked my friend. 'What’s this music?' And he answered: 'It’s Megadeth!' So this is the beginning of my story about Megadeth. The band which has determined my musical culture from my teenager years up to now, I mean Megadeth is the band why I started to listen heavy music. The main reason why I joined to MegaFanClub in 2005 was the opportunity to meet one day with the band and of course leader of the band Mr. Dave Mustaine whose music and personality always influenced on me. Not speaking about those great things in the fan club packages that I get year by year. So last week I won a M&G pass to Milan, Italy and I didn’t want to believe to my eyes when I checked my e-mail box and found the letter landed by the subject 'Milan Pass Winner!' In the morning of 10th of March in 2009 (date of the concert) I sat into my car at 4:30 am and started to go to Milan, Italy from Budapest, Hungary. This is a 1100 km (approx. 687 miles) distance (through Austria in The Alps mountain) that I could do during 10 hours of car driving. I arrived in Milan a bit tired but it didn’t care. I collected the envelope with M&G pass and instructions where to meet. The more time of the meeting got closer the better I felt something special is going to happen within minutes. And of course everybody (who has won M&G pass) was anxious. And then Tracey Wiedeman (who is a very kind woman) Megadeth tour manager went out to notify the band that everything is ready to start M&G. A few minutes later members of Megadeth started to walk out from a corridor. Firstly James, Shawn and than Dave, Chris. It was incredible to see them together so close to me! They were friendly and responsive so they started to sign and took common photos. I can’t tell you why but I felt all the time that Dave Mustaine has a 100% rock star aura. An awesome man!!!! We talked a short with each other and I gave a little present (T-shirt with ’Budapest’ text on it with a skull) to him that he thanked so much proving in my eyes again that he is not just a great person but a gentleman too. And also thank you everybody from Mr. McRobb (at MegaFanClub) to the band who helped make this M&G opportunity possible to me. That evening was and will be an unforgettable day in my life forever!!! And of course I encourage everybody who likes music of Megadeth to become member of this fantastic MegaFanClub for the same feelings that I’ve been through with the band that one night! It’s worth it!" Korom Szabolcs “hunmegary”
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